Heating & Cooling Rebate

You can get four rebates for a combined savings of $2200! Save big now. Each of the rebates shown below are handled a bit differently. Get a free quote from Hayes Heating now and we will get you your maximum rebates and handle all of the paperwork for you. You just sit back in total comfort and wait for the checks to come in. Here’s the deal.

COLEMAN REBATES ARE INSTANT – No more paperwork to file! Great! Up to $1400 cash off your price.

PUGET SOUND ENERGY REBATES – We fill out your PSE rebate form – You sign it and We send it in for you!

WA ENERGY EFFICENT APPLIANCES PROGRAM – We will inform you when they start and handle the paperwork for you!

If you purchased a $10,000 heat pump system you would get $1400 back from Coleman as an instant rebate, a check from PSE for $800 and possibly a check back from EEF program for more savings!

Click Here to Download Rebate Discount Sheet