Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Posted by in Heat pumps | June 25, 2013

Installing a ductless mini-split heat pump or air conditioner is one of the most efficient forms of electric heating and cooling. Like a standard heating and cooling system, a ductless mini-split pump has two major components – an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit.

Advantages of a mini-split:

The first advantage is the small size of mini-splits. This allows you to heat and cool each individual room. Each zone or room has its own thermostat which is great for conserving energy as you only have to condition rooms that are being used.

Since mini-splits are ductless, no energy will be lost through the ductwork like central air systems. Central air systems lose up to 30% of energy through ductwork, thus making ductless mini-splits very energy efficient.

Another advantage of mini-splits is that they are very easy to install. A three-inch hole is required for the hook-up between in the indoor air-handling unit and the outdoor compressor. The length of the connecting cable (conduit) can be customized in a variety of lengths which allow you to condition a zone on the opposite end of the house while keeping the outdoor compressor in a discrete location outside of the home.

Ductless mini-splits are a cost-effective, energy-efficient way to add on to your home or office.  They are also a great money-saving option instead of adding onto current ductwork in your building.

Tankless water heaters are big energy savers

Posted by in Tankless Water Heaters | May 13, 2013

For generations, people have had hot water tanks in their homes. However, the new trend is installing tankless water heaters because they are big energy savers.

Tankless water heaters are 98% energy efficient compared to tank type water heaters, which run at 50% efficiency. When you want to save up to 40% on your gas bill for heating water, it makes sense to install and use an environmentally-friendly tankless water heater from Hayes Heating & Cooling in Seattle. Tankless water heaters result in several hundred dollars a year in savings on your gas bill.

Why go tankless? The new technology keeps water hot at all times—it never needs to warm up, because it’s always hot, day and night. At just 2.2 cubic feet in size, it hangs on your wall instead of taking up valuable basement or closet storage space. Tankless water heaters don’t have pilot lights, which cost typical homeowners about $100 to run, per year, and $100 to re-light when they blow out.

The lifespan of a tankless water heater is twice as long as that of a tank type. If you’re thinking of moving, a new tankless water heater enhances resale value because it’s newer and greener than old-fashioned, bulky tank types.

Best of all, the government wants people to adopt the tankless technology, so there are federal, local, manufacturer and company rebates as an incentive to make the switch.

To find out more about tankless water heaters, contact Hayes Heating & Cooling of Seattle today.

Get Cool for A Lot Less!

Posted by in Uncategorized | May 6, 2013

Have you gotten sticker shock from a central air conditioning quote?  We have a cheaper solution…Get a Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump quote. These high-tech DC inverter heat/cool units can save money all around. Here are the quick facts……………

  1. Ductless costs less money to buy
  2. Ductless is twice as efficient. Cuts you bill in half.
  3. Highest efficiencies. Up to 28 SEER.
  4. Highest rebates/credits. $1100 back in your pocket!
  5. Zoned heating and cooling makes for better temperatures. Saves more money.
  6. Get heat and cool where you need it the most.

Call Hayes Heating & Cooling today at 1-866-679-4328 for a free quote. Be Cool!




Tankless Water Heaters Are Taking Over

Posted by in Uncategorized | April 18, 2013

For years now Americans have been installing and replacing tank type water heaters. It may be the only water heater you know. But world-wide all other water heaters installed have been tankless water heaters. The rest of the world has never seen a tank water heater.

Tankless water heaters are better in several ways:

1. They use 30-40% less gas to heat hot water. This reduces your water heating bill 40%. for a gas tank water heater.  Average water heating bills are $600 per year for electric and $450 per year for a gas tank water heater.  Tankless operate for as little as $166 per year.

2. They never run out of hot water. You can fill a new walk-in tub or a larger Jacuzzi tub.

3. They are Green. Tankless heaters use way less fuel, are way more efficient, and put out way less carbon into the air. Go Green!

4. They last up to 40+ years. You will not buy another water heater probably in your lifetime. A tank water heater has a very short life compared to previous tanks. A new tank has a 5 to 10 year warranty against leaking. They are built lighter and lighter each year, with less steel and less glass lining. They leak sooner. I am seeing tanks start leaking after 10 to 12 years.

5. Older tanks are often clogged with sediment build-up that turns to concrete, making the water heater heat even less hot water. This sedimentation process increases your water heating bill too.

6. There have been rare reports of old rusted out tanks grow bacteria inside of them and make people ill.

Tankless water heaters are more expensive than tanks, but now the payback time gives you the money back if you are going to stay in your house more than 5-6 years of so. So look at a tankless water heater if your old tank is giving out.