Heat Pumps in Kent, WA

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Coleman Heat Pumps are very efficient, comfortable and quiet. Coleman received Consumer Digest’s Best Buy recommendation for their Echelon and LX series heat pumps. Their efficiencies are 14.5 seer, 16 seer & 18 seer, making for up to 50% energy savings! All practical for Western Washington, a climate ideal for these high efficiency heat pumps. Old heat pumps blew cold air. These newly redesigned models blow warm air that feels good. All models are rated at 70 decibels, a sound rating just above the sound of normal conversation!

Heating Pumps are GreenHeating Pumps are Green – A Heat Pump in Kent captures solar heat from the air even at cold temperatures down to below zero and pumps it up to usable heating temperatures above 100-110 degrees in the house or building. Many heat pump systems installed in Kent use only ¼ the electricity of electric heat to do the job. It saves a lot of expensive energy! This allows for future expansion of homes and buildings, being part of the energy solution for the future.

Lower Energy CostsLower Energy Costs – A Heat Pump in Kent saves up to 70% on your heating costs. If it saved you $200 per month on heating costs in a large home or office, you will save up to $24,000 dollars in just 10 years.

Less Noise PollutionLess Noise Pollution – A Coleman Heat Pump is now 400% quieter than the old models installed in the 1960s! Sound ratings have dropped dramatically. The new Heat Pumps are now whisper quiet, generating the sound output of two people talking in whispers.

Extremely ReliableExtremely Reliable – A Coleman Heating Pump gets a life expectancy of 25 years or more. We have several 35 year old plus Coleman Heat Pumps in Kent, WA that we still keep in service. All new heat pumps are tested 56 times on the quality controlled production line.

Made in USAMade in the USA – The Coleman brand of Heat Pumps are the last to be 100% made in the USA in Wichita, Kansas. Back in the heartland of America. We are proud of that.