Indoor Air Quality



  • Duct Cleaning is a process of removing the dirt, dust, dead spiders, bugs and lint that collects normally over time in your ductwork. The preferred method is called source removal. (Getting the stuff out of your pipes) Many of the best methods push and pull. Or one end is being sucked while a powerful blower or air hose is “pushing the debris down the pipes. Sometimes brushes are used, and most duct cleaning techs offer a sanitizing service.



  • Because Western Washington has a twelve month a year pollen season, we have more dust than the rest of the country. Most other areas of the country have only a three month a year pollen season.


  • Western Washington has the highest concentration of electronic air cleaners than in any other place in the entire world! This is a fact born out in sales and marketing reports from Honeywell. We wouldn’t use them if we didn’t need them!


  • Most duct cleaning companies report getting a pound of accumulated dirt and dust during a normal home duct cleaning.


  • There are over 1000 sq.ft. of duct surface area in an average home heating system ductwork. You can’t see it because it is hidden. Imagine not vacuuming your floors for five years on an entire floor. How much accumulation would you get?


  • For allergy and asthma sufferers, we recommend cleaning your ducts annually. It has helped my families and all of our homes very much.


  • One sixteenth of an inch buildup of dust on a heat exchanger adds 10% more to your gas or electric bill for heating or cooling. Keeping equipment cleaned pays you money. It does not cost you money.