Surge Suppressor for the Whole House

Surge Suppressors


Safeguard all of your electrical equipment in your whole house


With electrical power at a premium during the sticky summer months, utility companies often lower their output of power. This is normally called a brown out. A brown out or reduction in power can do irreparable damage to your appliances, especially your air conditioner. All appliances are designed to work with a certain amount of power. If that power level is dropped, your appliances will continue to function, but they will be forced to work under duress.A lightning strike on your power lines or a neighborhood blown transformer can damage or destroy all of your electrical appliances. With a lightning arrestor installed in your breaker box, you can protect all of your electrical appliances including your air conditioner, computer, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, stereo and televisions with a single dedicated lightning arrestor tied into your home’s electrical panel. This simple, inexpensive device can save you thousands of dollars in the event of these regularly occurring surges of power.

All too frequently we have a huge windstorm in the winter and the power goes out because trees were blown over, breaking the power lines.  There is a tremendous surge of electricity when lines are broken. We see a lot of furnace controllers (actually computers) get zapped and ruined during storms (without any lightning). This is why we install whole house surge protectors. They work and make good sense. They are a cheap insurance policy.

Our whole house surge protector comes with a $50,000 actual insurance policy to protect all of your appliances in your home should they ever go out.