Turn to a Tankless Water Heater in Kent, WA


A tankless water heater in Seattle, WA can benefit youIt’s HOT!……….Unlimited hot water, never run out.

You can take unlimited showers…..all day long…..No more cold showers.


It’s EFFICIENT……It saves you money every day!

Tank type water heaters are 50% efficient….Tankless are 98% EFFICIIENT.

You can save up to $600 per year in some cases.


It has NO PILOT LIGHT.You don’t have to relight a pilot. Less hassle.

A pilot light costs $96 per year to run and can cost $100 to relight.


Cleaner BURNING…….Better for the environment. Cleaner/Greener.

Support a better environment…Feel good about supporting mother earth. It’s good to be green. Very, very low emissions.


SPACE SAVER…….Mounts on a wall in a 2.2 cu ft space!

Only 2.2 cu.ft.- Hangs on a wall – Gives you more storage space.


Lasts the LONGEST…..Over twice as long life than a tank.

You will  buy two $1000 tank – type water heaters before you will replace the tankless water heater.


Enhances RESALE VALUE…Tankless water heaters are worth more.

Get your money back when you sell your house. Have it cost you nothing!

Save up to 40% on the bills in the mean time. Never run out of hot water.


REBATES! – Get cash back from the Federal Govt., your local utility, the manufacturer, and Hayes Heating.