Busted! Don't Believe These Heating and Cooling Myths!

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The heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) sector has been ensuring that homes and office spaces have been kept cool or warm for decades. Unfortunately, throughout this time, there has been a spread of misinformation about how HVAC systems function, which can have a negative impact on their efficiency.

Whether it’s when to clean the ducts, change the filter, or how often to schedule maintenance, these misconceptions have come to be accepted as the truth. An increasing number of people have begun falling prey to these false truths and end up making some avoidable errors.

To help you steer clear of misconceptions like these, Hayes Heating & Cooling has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about heating and cooling.

Myth 1: New homes are more energy efficient.

New homes may be better insulated, but they are not necessarily energy efficient. It is common practice for the builder to use sub-par material and equipment to cut down costs for themselves. One way of doing this is by using heating and cooling equipment which has a lower rating in heating/cooling output and sized to the bare minimum. Sometimes during construction, it is also possible that ducts may be poorly installed which does not help with energy efficiency.

Myth 2: Closing vents will save money on your energy bill.

The truth is that your heating system is designed to use all of the registers to create a perfect temperature balance throughout your home. When you close a vent, you still get air coming out of the register. They are not airtight. But if you close too many vents, you may overheat your furnace.

Myth 3: Turning up your thermostat will heat your house faster.

A furnace has a BTU rating, or heat output that is fixed and turning up the thermostat, higher than your normal set point will just cost more to heat by overshooting your regular temperature. If you have purchased a multi-stage furnace, the heat slowly builds up to your set point saving heating dollars. But when you set the thermostat higher, it will heat faster but overshoot the regular set point. So it is best to set it to a temperature at which you are comfortable.

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