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When it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), preventing a system failure through regular maintenance is a more practical solution than addressing a system failure once it occurs. Having these systems serviced annually is recommended by professionals and the system manufacturers to ensure your unit maintains optimal performance, and to keep from voiding the manufacturers’ warranty. Simultaneously, it also helps save money and prevent damage to property and health.

Unfortunately, many believe that preventive maintenance is a waste of time and money and can be put off until the last minute. However, postponing necessary maintenance reduces the performance of your heating and cooling system, while energy usage steadily increases. To help you see how regular maintenance can help you in the long run, we’ve covered the key benefits of constant A/C and heat pump maintenance.

Advantages of A/C and heat pump maintenance

Healthy air: HVAC filters, A/C coils, and heat pumps accumulate dust over time, which creates an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to thrive. As a result, air passing through these systems into your home or office could carry contaminants that can cause respiratory illnesses. As part of the maintenance process, an HVAC expert will make sure your system and vents are kept clean.

System longevity and efficiency: Regular tuning can improve the life of your HVAC, putting off the need to purchase a new one, and saving you money for years to come. It can also ensure that your machines and vents work efficiently without consuming too much energy. Reduced energy consumption ensures the system runs smoothly and your utility bill stays low.

Fewer emergency repairs: To avoid living at the mercy of the summer heat or the winter chill, it’s vital to get a routine HVAC system check-up. It will help you catch small faults with your system before they turn into massive problems. That way, you can keep your A/C and heat pump in working condition throughout the year, especially when you need it!

User safety: Systems that have electrical components, use chemical refrigerants, heat producing elements, or fast moving parts need to be serviced, checked, or regularly maintained to replace worn-out parts and verify if all the parts of the unit are working fine. Planned maintenance can reduce the chance of disasters unfolding in your house or workplace.

As you can see, regular HVAC maintenance has a slew of benefits. To get your cooling and heating units thoroughly checked, carefully cleaned, and effectively repaired, book an appointment with Hayes Heating & Cooling. We are an experienced heating and air conditioning HVAC company in Kent, WA, and we offer the best cleaning and tune-up services for A/C or heat pump systems. Over the last four decades, our family business has managed to build strong relationships with over twenty-four thousand clients throughout the South King County and North Pierce County areas. We service both home and office HVAC systems, for approximately $219. To book our services, give our office a call at 206-244-4328.

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